Voices from the Dorms of Anatolia

Girls who live in small districts of Anatolia and want to continue their education after primary school, need to attend high schools in provinces close to their homes and stay in dormitories. Dormitories are designed for basic needs and to provide secure environment. There is a great need of extracurricular activities and social training in terms of the girls social and psychological development.

Developed by Genç Hayat Foundation in partnership with Hüsnü Özyeğin Foundation

Supported by Sabancı Foundation

Place: Girls high school dormitories in Konya and Nevşehir

Time Frame: April 2011 – April 2012


To creat a model that will meet the social developmental needs of aforementioned girls in which they participate


Training is given on gender issues, basic communication skills and social responsibility. As role models, local business women come together with aforementioned girls and perform social activities


The student develop social responsibility project in which they participate In the academic year 2010-2011, we reached 311 volunteer students in Nevşehir and Konya proviences with 14 volunteer teachers.

Project Photos