Developed by Genç Hayat Foundation
Supported by Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programmes
Time frame: 2012-2013

Aim: This project will strengthen democratic European citizenship and human rights perception by creating awareness on gender equality among youngsters.

Method: Gender equality which is at the heart
of project trainings was explained using youth work methodologies, workshops, role playing and other nonformal training techniques. The use of Forum Theatre method to explain gender equality issues to the project participants established a constructive and innovative atmosphere.

The project was carried out as an education project with 21 representatives, from 12 different NGOs from 9 different countries (Azerbaijan, Belgium, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey). Gender balance was ensured. Project trainings were given by 3 trainers and one facilitator who are specialists on youth work, forum theatre and gender.

Participants implemented an activity or a project on gender equality with the coordination of Genç Hayat Foundation after returning to their home countries.