Once Upon a Time in My Street

Developed by G.H.F

Supported by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency and Habertürk Media Group

Place: 10 disticts of Istanbul

Time Frame: 2010


High school students learn oral history through interviewing 60 years and above people in their district, learn to work with different age groups, experience team work, understand their identity and state of belonging by working through their own neighbourhoods and disctricts.


1000 high school students with the help of 250 voluntary university students carried out and recorded interviews in their neighbourhood with the elderly over 60 years of age.


Students put togehter a valuable work of oral history archieve toghether in the form of disctrict newspaper an oral history as a method in Youth Studies Book in turkish and in english. The rest of the outcome can be seen in the Evaluation Report Intends that the youth undestand their identity, the state of belonging, local/global processes generating this identity, through the neighborhoods and districts they live in and through Istanbul s place in world history.

Results of the Evaluation of Once Upon a Time in My Street

– Positive change in high school stundents understanding of history
– Increased sense of belonging to Istanbul
– Increased communication between generations
– Increase in students willingness to continue their students at university

Project Photos