The Colour Wheel

Teacher training high shools are mostly boarding schools consisting of students coming from provinces across Turkey. The majority of the graduates of these high schools continue their education in the universities in order to become teachers. Developing the vision of these students in their high schools. Supporting the developments of students as leaders in building their future, will aid them in becoming both a positive example and guide for future students and their families.

Developed by G.H.F. and implemented with agreement of the Ministry of Education

Place: Teacher training high schools in 10 cities of Turkey

Time Frame: 2011 – 2014


To develop and spread the teaching of extracurricular classes in volunteering and social responsibility.


Training is given to teachers in volunteering and ways to teach social responsibility.

The students who sign up for the classes will acquire and develop basic communication skills, gain awareness of their strengths and areas for growth and learn how to plan and initiate social responsibilty projects. In the academic year 2010-2011, we reached 636 volunteer students in 8 provinces of Marmara Region with 38 volunteer teachers.