Date: 2014 – 2015

Project Field: Mersin / Taurus Mountains

About the Project:

It has been maintained that the students who participate in the project discover the history of their own families, neighbourhoods and vicinities via the daily lives and discourses of those who live and experience it. Thereby it has been aimed that by providing the grounds for communication and interaction between generations, implanting a consciousness based on solidarity as a result of regarding those who write history and bequeath their legacy as human individuals. The project was conducted with the partnership of Mersin City Directorate of Culture and Tourism, and contributions of SODES.

Project Goals:
• To improve social interaction
• To contribute to the development of social memory
• To internalise the concept of social research
• To support the personal development of youth and children

Target group: Students enrolled in primary and middle-high schools

Project Activities:
• Oral history trainings and workshops
• Field work (Interviews)
• Assessment – Evaluation & Reporting