GIRLS: Gender-Inclusion-Empowerment

Project Dates: September 15-20, 2019

Project Site:Krzyzowa, Polonya

Project Definition: 

In the last Erasmus + project implemented under the EU program; teenagers from Poland, Turkey, Romania and Germany will meet. In the international meeting young people will think together on gender, inclusion & empowerment by using the fashion theme within the framework of the project.

Project Objectives:

The main objective of the project is to gain awareness by thinking on the dynamics that affect all these perceptions and preferences, especially when talking about body perception and clothes preferences by using fashion theme.


Target Group:

Female students from the Fashion design program of Bakırköy Hayrettin Paşa Vocational ve Technical Anatolian High School

Project Activities/ Workshops:

Conceptual and practical workshops on fashion.

Project Images: