Let Your Steps Turn into Education!

Help Steps is a health application that automatically records your daily steps and allows you to convert them into HS (Help Steps) steps at the end of the day and donate them. So you can donate for education of children just by walking.

How Do I Get Started Using Help Steps?

You can start using the application for free by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

You can register for the application by entering your name, surname, e-mail and telephone information.

If a friend sent you an invite, entering the invite code when signing up will earn your friend 50,000 steps. However, you can download and use the application without an invitation code.

What are HS Steps?

You need to convert your steps into HS steps with the convert button on the application.

After clicking the Convert button, you watch the advertisement to the end and convert your automatically saved steps into HS steps that you will use to donate or spend. You must do this every day until 12 at night. So you can repeat this process frequently during the day.

You can remind it by allowing it to send you notifications while using the application. In addition, the application continues to record your steps even when your internet is turned off.

How Can I Donate to the Young Lives (Genc Hayat) Foundation with Help Steps?

You can donate as many HS steps as you want by choosing the Young Lives (Genc Hayat) Foundation from the “Groups I Love” section of your application. You can also follow the foundation to get it to the top. The TL equivalent of the donations made will be calculated and transferred to the foundation via bank.

If you cannot find the Young Lives (Genc Hayat) Foundation in the “Groups I Love” section, you can easily access it from the view all option.

After you click on the Send Steps option, enter the number of steps you want to donate on the page that will appear, and your transaction will be successful.

After donating your steps, you can support the Young Lives (Genc Hayat) Foundation to receive more donations by sharing your donation via social media accounts with the share button.

Invite Your Friends to Earn 50,000 Steps!

You can get more people to donate by sending the Help Steps app to your friends and inviting them to use it too. When your friends start using the application with the invitation code you sent, you will earn 50,000 steps. It is also possible to transfer your steps to your friends. You can also add your friends using the application to your friends list within the application.

We wish you nice walks and happy steps that you can support the children.

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