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This project was conducted under the auspices of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

Star Kids of Turkey

Following the coup attempt on July 15th, 2016 which was prevented by the Turkish public civil and unarmed in a such a heroic way, as Genc Hayat Foundation we formed our project Children of July 15th Martyrs: Star Kids of Turkey. With our project, we aimed at extending a friendly hand to the families of our martyrs and their children, to explain and make them feel they are not alone in their lives from now on, and that as Turkish nation we are together and strong. In our project we moved in accordance with the consciousness that it is a national duty for our society to protect the children of our martyrs, just like our martyrs gave their lives in order protect our lands.

Star Kids of Turkey Project aims to contribute to the engagement to life of the children and youth who were subjected to negative life experiences and traumas on July 15th, by providing psycho-social support towards their needs.

Project Goals

Operation Towards Families

For the martyr families to be able to look to the future in confidence for themselves and their children via bettering support and educational programmes

Mentorship and Lifecoaching for Children

Reconnecting children of martyrs to life by empowering them with pschosocial support

Guiding Children alongside Families

Motivating children of martyrs by discovering their talents, guiding them in line with their dreams and potential with experts

Support Program

  • Diagnosis

    Gathering sociodemographic information by expert consultant staff in fields of child psychology, ergotherapy and talent discovery

  • Rehabilitation

    Orientation of children and youth for psychological support according to their results in assessment evaluations applied during diagnosis and case analyse

  • Orientation According to Talents

    Applying assessment methods in order to discover talents of children and youth by experts

  • Academic Support

    Preventing children and youth from accumulating resistance against schools so that their educational lives are not impeded following traumatic events and losses

Approaches According to Age Groups

It has been aimed for the workshops and activities to be formulated that support developing characteristics and talents by taking age intervals of children and youth into consideration.

Moreover the plan is to create diverse activities and steps to follow that will support the skills that are needed in participating to social life.

Activities Planned for Pre-School Children (Ages 0-5)

  • Sharing Educational-Instructive Books/Videos
  • Sharing Educational-Instructive-Innovative Games/Toys
  • Quality time with Families
  • Daily trips & Family-Children Camps
Activities Planned for Primary School Children (Ages 5-9)

  • Self-recognition with Drama
  • Online English Support
  • Discovery – Design – Innovation and Technology Activities
Activities Planned for Middle-School Children (Ages 9-13)

  • Online English Support
  • Discovery – Design – Innovation and Technology Activities
  • Daily Trips
  • Culture Hunt
  • Talent Camp
Activities Planned for High-School Children (Ages 13-17)

  • Online English Support
  • English Language Summer School
  • Culture Hunt
  • Youth Camp
  • Authorship Training
  • Volunteer Training
  • Career Days
Activities Planned for Youth Preparing for College or enrolled in Colleges (Ages 17-23)

  • Online English Support
  • Authorship Training
  • Youth Camp
  • Volunteer Training
  • Project-based Trips abroad
  • Mentorship and Role Model Meetings

Project Progress Plan

1st Year - Model Application

  • Children of July 15 Martyrs – 250 Children
  • İstanbul – Ankara
  • Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

2nd Year - Dissemination

  • Children of July 15 Martyrs and Veterans
  • İstanbul – Ankara
  • Orientation and Academic Support according to Talent

3rd Year and After - Sustainability

  • All Children of Martyrs and Veterans
  • All around Turkey
  • Tracking – Assesment