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Seize Your Dreams Through Sports

Project dates2017 - 2018

Project fieldŞanlıurfa

collaborationsAdidas, The Ministry of Labour and Social Security

PROJEct summary

Within the scope of the project, the enhancement of the participation of children (which come from low-income families bearing the risk of child labour, who are forced to migrate with their seasonal agricultural migrant families, or who come from refugee families who were forced to migrate to Turkey due to ongoing wars in their countries) in social life by supporting their physical, spiritual and social development, has been targeted

Target Group

  • Children between ages 6 and 17 under risk of child labour, children forced to migrate with their seasonal migrant agricultural worker families, refugee children, physical education teachers, local administrations

Project Aims

  • Supporting of the physical, spiritual and social development of children via sports,
  • Enhancement of the integration of children in social life,
  • Identification of children interested and talented in sports.


  • Capacity development with P.E. teachers, mapping regarding sports, orientation activities and teacher-student applications with the activity “From P.E. to Sports Coaching”,
  • Bringing together students and role models who have been successful in various fields of sportive professions with the activity “Athletes of Today and Tomorrow Meet”,
  • Sports festivals with the participation of children from disadvantaged districts with the activity “Adidas Brings Children Together with Sports.”