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Project for Prevention of Child Labour

Project Dates2017

Project FieldOrdu, Düzce, Sakarya

CollaborationsMinistry of Labor and Social Security, Fair Labor Association, Nestle, Olam, Balsu

PROJEct summary

The project has been implemented in order to generate solutions to the issue of child labour in seasonal agriculture by developing common working principles with local administrations. The evaluation of opportunities present in the local, and the identification of the authorities of local administrations and opinion leaders have been the first steps taken within the scope of the project which is continued with the support of Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Fair Labor Association as well as the collaboration of Nestle, Olam and Balsu.

Hedef Grup

  • Children, families, agricultural work agents, teachers, field/orchard owners, local administrations, youth

Project Aims

  • To track the continuity of school children’s education
  • To orient the families to local public services
  • To develop the vocational capacities of agricultural workers and support the participation of seasonal migrant agricultural worker families in the vocational life in the local


  • To conduct operations on tracking and assessment
  • Volunteer trainings
  • To develop forms towards assessing needs
  • Round-table meetings with local administrations
  • Summer school implementations
  • Role model meetings