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Prevention of Domestic Violence Against Children

Project dates2011

Project fieldİstanbul

collaborationsT.R. Ministry of European Union, Central Finance and Contracts Unit, International Children's Center, Children of Our Future Foundation

Target Group

  • Ages between 12-14

Project Aims

  • To raise awareness in the community and among NGOs in order to make them concentrate on the subject
  • To draw attention of NGOs and the roof organizations to the subject and be able to discuss the subject in civil society in a more efficient and visible manner
  • To provoke law and policy makers to fill the gaps in the law which does not barely interdict violence against children through advocacy activities.


  • The project includes 2 types of activity. First one is a research made by psychologists at 50 primary school in Istanbul with a total of 450 students (age between 12-14) by using a screening tool. The second part includes advocacy activities as panels, developing a political proposal in order to put pressure on law and policy makers in terms of making the necessary arrangements.