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Let's Discover!

Project dates2018 - 2019

Project fieldİstanbul (2 districts)

collaborationsSwiss Embassy, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education

PROJEct summary

 In the “Let’s Discover!” project which came to life with the support of Swiss Embassy, we aimed to support the development of educational and social cohesion between children from Syria and Turkey .

Target Group

  • Turkish and Syrian children between ages 8-15

Project Aims

  • Promote educational and social cohesion between children from Syria and Turkey
  • To strengthen communication, interaction and teamwork among children
  • To enable children to channel their creativity in science, technology, coding, robotics and architecture; and to increase their interest in STE(A)M


  • Technology Workshop:
    • It was aimed to develop children’s abilities such as problem analysis and solution, algorithm creation, flowchart, systematic thinking starting from the basic steps of coding and robotics.


  • Architecture and STE(A)M Workshop:
    • The aim of this workshop was to strengthen social awareness and cohesion while focusing on multidimensional thinking, imagination and visual abilities of children with increased knowledge in STE(A)M.

The workshops addressed social themes such as basic environmental awareness, child-friendly-neighbourhood understanding, living together with differences, sustainable neighbourhoods, and focused on experimental and exploration-themed activities in line with the contents that children learned in their school classes.