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Everyone Included

Project Dates2021 - Continuing


COLLABORATIONS(German International Cooperation Agency) GIZ, Eskişehir Governorship


The project aims to identify the problems experienced by approximately 35 thousand immigrants registered in Sakarya and to help on their urgent needs, as well as to strengthen the harmony between immigrant and local communities in Sakarya. In line with this goal, various actors and stakeholders will be included in the process with a holistic approach.

Target Group

Children and women are in the main target group;  parents, trainers and local stakeholders are also targeted according to the nature of the activities

Project Aims

Combating child labor & ensuring children stay in education
Strengthening social cohesion in Sakarya
Supporting women
Supporting people under international and temporary protection status


Social cohesion activities will be carried out to increase the harmony between indigenous & immigrant communities, and  find solutions to the problems experienced by the target group of the activity.


Various project activities have been designed to ensure that secondary school and high school children stay in school, continue their higher education and reach more qualified jobs in the future.


Capacity building activities for teachers and awareness raising trainings for families and teachers will be organized.


Structured and unstructured social adaptation activities will be carried out for children to encourage them to develop their  skills and attend school, while  strengthening social harmony.


Social cohesion activities for women that focus on common problems such as health will be organized to improve women’s skills and communication between immigrant-indigenous women will be strengthened.


A meeting will be held to discuss needs and possible collaborations by bringing together public institutions in Sakarya, non-governmental organizations operating locally and other relevant stakeholders.