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Equal Coding

Project dates2018 - Continuing

Project fieldİstanbul / Kadıköy, Kağıthane, Eyüp, şişli, Küçükçekmece

CollaborationsEMpower Foundations, Kodluyoruz Association

PROJEct summary

This Project is carried out in Istanbul with the support of the EMpower Foundation and in partnership with the Kodluyoruz Association and it is the second year of the project. Until today, this project has reached about 500 girls and boys.

Target Group

  • Male and Female students  between ages 12-16 whom studies under state schools

Project Aims

  • Eşittir Kod aims strengthening female students through technological trainings, bringing them together with the right role models, eliminating gender prejudices among students, in the long terms increasing the number of working woman in the technology and informatics sector and creating an equality based work environment.


  • The volunteer team which is consisted of female employees with a career in informatics takes part in the project as both instructor and successful role models for girls. In the project which both female and male students can participate, in 8-week workshop package;
    • raising awareness of participants on gender equality
    • increasing self-esteem especially among female students in the field of informatics
    • encouraging students to shape their future according to their potential and interest, not according to their gender is aimed.