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Coding Camp

Project Dates2015 - 2016

Project fieldİstanbul

CollaborationsAB Bakanlığı Erasmus+, CoderDojo Türkiye, Başakşehir Living Lab ve Romanya Asociatia Banat IT, CoderDojo Timişoara


The project  has been implemented in order to ensure youth gets acquainted with communication and information technologies in their struggle with unemployment. The process of youth getting acquainted with communication and information technologies was, by reinforcing via intercultural recognition and interaction, constructed as a tool for improving basic communication skills as well.

Target Group

  • Children from Romania and Turkey

Project Aims

  • To ensure the internalisation of information and communication technologies via utilising technology as a common language and an efficient tool so that it reflects the sensitivities of children
  • To create a technology-based space where children from different cultures can work together


  • To generate camp content
  • To organise a 5-day camp where participants from Romania and Turkey are hosted in Istanbul
  • To organise an activity where the games developed by children are exhibited to all participants openly
  • To prepare project outcome report