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Beholding Urfa with Youth

Project Dates2017 - 2018

Project DatesŞanlıurfa (Haliliye, Karaköprü, Eyyübiye)

CollaborationsYouth Projects Support Programme of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

PROJEct Summary

Within the scope of the project; after fields of employment in tourism in Şanlıurfa are identified, developing the skills of youth, who have been left out of the school system or have failed to attain a profession, for their employment; after connecting youth and local employment opportunities, maintaining their participation in employment; and prevention of youth unemployment, have been targeted.

Target Group

  • Unemployed youth between ages 15 and 29 who’ve been left out of the educational system, local administrations, GAP management, İŞKUR, public education centres, chambers of commerce and industry, professional associations.

Project Aims

  • Providing vocational courses towards improving socio-economic adaptation and youth employment, to youth,
  • Presenting support mechanisms towards aiding participation in employment to youth,
  • Easing the transition to post-education employment of youth continuing their secondary education especially by increasing their knowledge on professions towards employment in their own districts,
  • Developing methods which will maintain/ease the participation of youth via local employment and development units.


  • Infrastructure mapping for the tourism sector,
  • Identifying youth who have been left out of the educational system or failed to find a profession via neighbourhood operations,
  • Preparing educational content towards the target group,
  • Youth Orientation,
  • Tourism Orientation,
  • Vocational Skill Courses,
  • Job Entrance Orientation,
  • Urban Hymn (Şehrengiz) Trips,
  • Closing Activity,
  • Job Fair,
  • Role Model Meetings,
  • Occupational Living Library Activities.