Genç Hayat Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a target group of young people between the ages of 11 and 18.

To achieve its aim of a well-equipped youth, Genç Hayat first defines the problems and issues around youth. Then, prefers to build sustainable and feasible models to reach permanent solutions for these problems. The foundation builds these models by conducting problem assessment studies in the field as well as conducting research. With the outcomes of the research Genç Hayat designs a project and implements it with pilot groups.  The project results are then published with reports and assessments followed by running advocacy campaigns in order to have a nationwide impact. Some of our study areas have included: youth employment, increasing enrollment rate of students in vocational high schools, providing quality in education, training of teachers and child labor prevention.



We support the culture of living together; children and young people are in harmony with their peers, families and society!


With our education and scholarship support, 21st century skills of children and young people are developing, they can reveal their potential!


We include children and young people as well as everyone who comes into contact with them in our sustainable model work!