Date: 2016 – 2017

Project Field: Düzce, Şanlıurfa

About the Project:

With this project, which was implemented with the support of European Union, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, IKG Pro, the participation of Balsu, Ministry of Education, Düzce University as well as the partnership of Karacadağ Development Agency, the aims were to find solutions to the problem of child labour in seasonal agriculture, to better the negative life conditions of families on fields who participate in seasonal migration, and to support personal development and education of children.

Project Goals:

  • To address the issue of child labour in seasonal agriculture with wholistic approaches
  • To increase the participation of children growing up among families who are a part of the seasonal migrant agricultural work loop, in educational life
  • To process the concept of social inclusion for seasonal migrant agricultural worker families

Target Group:

Children, families, agricultural work agents, teachers, field/orchard owners

Project Activities:

  • To organise volunteer trainings
  • To implement educational summer schools for children
  • To organise seminars for teachers, agricultural work agents and field/orchard owners
  • To organise seminars empowering women
  • Neighbourhood operations
  • To meet with local administrations and arrange experience sharing meetings