Correct Communication

Adolescence is a period of getting to know oneself, developing an identity, life philosophy and future planning. Conflicts arise from the dynamics of the individual developments of this period. Young people are in the need of expressing themselves, of being recognized as an individual, of being accepted and supported during this time.

Developed by G.H.F

Place: Schools and cultere centres of municipalities in İstanbul

Time Frame: Begun in 2008 and ongoing


To provide students with basic communication skills and to form and develop the culture and consciousness of living together with differences


Classes are taught by volunteer psychlogists, sociologists and guidance counselors who have been trained in the program


Students gain communucation skills, self-confidence and respect for others Since July 2008, Correct Communication Project has reached 10334 people in İstanbul. The project has been implemented in 29 primary schools and 9 high schools.