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Every year, thousands of seasonal farm workers migrate to Turkey’s agricultural heartlands. Together with their families, they move from field to field, according to the needs of each crop’s harvest. Entire families live in tents or outbuildings in unsafe conditions and without basic amenities such as clean water and warm food, or hygiene facilities. Children as young as 10 years old are expected to work in the fields alongside adults, facing the physical strain of farm labour as well as exposure to dangerous weather conditions, equipment and pesticides. Apart from the poor living and working conditions, the children of seasonal farm workers end up missing out on a third of the school year and many leave school altogether.

Aside from taking away their right to an education, seasonal agricultural labour also negatively the child’s overall quality of life, their development and future productivity. Those who spend their childhood trapped in seasonal agricultural work are unable to profit from an education and are prevented from gaining the vocational skills that can break the cycle of poverty which negatively impact the child.

Each year, we use the entirety of our raised funds to help break the bonds keeping child labourers in fields. We promote children’s wellbeing in harvest areas by providing food, clothing, hygiene and stationery supplies. We train on average 25 volunteers who under the guidance of psychological counselors help the children gain numeracy, literacy and other important skills. We offer arts, coding and robotics classes. We encourage them to discover games and sports. We also provide scholarships covering expenses for a full academic year.

You can help a child labourer for one year, during the harvest season and following academic year by donating now 2000 TRY. All funds will be used exclusively for the benefit of the children.

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