Building Bridges: III. International Inclusive Dance Festival

Project Dates: August 2-9, 2019

Project Site: Krzyzowa, Poland

About the Project:

It is an Erasmus+ project which is going to be hold in Poland. Dance will be the main tool to create inclusive environment.

Project Objectives

Integration, getting to know each other and having a good and intense time – this are the main goals of the international inclusive dance festival Building Bridges. Moreover, the offered program wants to initiate processes to open the young people for the diverse society we are living in, to encourage their active participation, and reflect on social responsibilities by offering tools to express themselves.

Target Group

The participants’ age can be in the range of 13 to 30 years. The group need to have inclusive character with gender balance and persons with different and social backgrounds. In our case, 5 high school students (female:3, male:2) from Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Vocational ve Technical Anatolian High School.

Project Activities/ Workshops

Getting to know each other activities, different workshops.