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High School Youth and Peer Bullying

Research Fieldİstanbul

CollaborationsIstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education

Sample Group

  • 1714 high school students, 173 teachers, 42 headmasters in 50 high schools

Research Summary

In the research of High School Youth and Peer Bullying, violence as a social problem was examined in terms of existence, frequency, types of violence among youth and reproduction of violence with different versions. This research offers current data on the topic of violence and new studies and projects are targeted in line with the outcomes of this research on education and youth.

Research Results

Types of violence exist together

Youth is subjected to verbal violence the most, secondly to physical and thirdly isolating violence. Types of violence exist together; therefore if a youth subjected to one type of violence, he/she will also be subjected to other types of violence.

Being subjected to violence and witnessing violence

The questions asked to youth to understand the violence they have witnessed, also reveal their experience of violence they have been subjected to, which they either feel ashamed or don’t talk about. The research presents that youth witness more violence than they are subjected. The ratio of inflicted violence among youth is 5,8% where the rate of witnessing violence goes up to 23,9%.

Remaining silent and reproduction of violence

After the occurrence of violence, either a complaint is put or an intermediary role is taken over by someone popular or from upper classes. Keeping silence is another solution produced by youth. Nevertheless, youth who prefers to stay silent to protect himself might enter the radar of the predator again.

Teen Dating Violence

Victim and predator youth can normalize the violence on the basis of sentimentality of the relationship. They can perceive the acts of control, pressure, insult or physical abuse as the norm of dating. The overlooked violence is identified as essential part of the relationship or demonstration of love as well.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is not independent from other forms of violence. Internet, telecommunication technologies, and access to these technologies have broadened the scope of violence, did not move violence to other spaces.